turntable-anim.gifAl Jay  In UK Club Land


My work within the UK includes several monthly residencies and regular guest appearances, including the Sunnyside Ups all day Sunday experience, and the rave infamous Raindance at SE1,  where the past collides with the future. Brighton's unparalleled Playa Ibiza parties at the Beach The Cuba club, The Escape Club, Eden at Enzo’s, Brixton Academy, The Drome, Mind over Matter @ Camden Palace, O.T.T at Imperial Gardens.  The Serious parties at The Ministry of Sound  & Privilege, The Cross. The Aquarium, Mass ,The Sound Republic,The Venue,Fabric,Hanover Grand,The Rocket, Cloud 9, Chunnel Club. Soundshaft, @Heaven,The Mess , The Blue Note, The Old Westminster,SW1 Club, Soda& Gellofishpink, ,The New Amazon,

Sussex, Loughborough, Kent & Winchester University S.U venues, Protocol at the ZapClub, Club 58, and Brighton's original Dance Parade.             

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